A Song of Health and Eating

The benefits of a healthy meal delivery service

a great crab food diner

Meal delivery services are becoming increasingly popular over the years. Now companies such as Swanson are going door to door handing out catalogs and allowing people to purchase food and have it delivered straight to their door. While this may seem a bit strange to some, it’s actually really helpful and even more so when it comes to healthy foods and eating better. For some people a trip to the grocery store is a nightmare. This is especially true for parents and single parents of children who are still very young. It’s a constant battle of trying to find healthy meal choices that they’ll eat, and fighting with them to put that box of sugary cereal on the shelf.

When the option of having a meal prep delivery to your house arises, this means you no longer have to worry about fighting your kids or worrying about whether that meal you picked out is chalked full of too many fats, salts, and otherwise unhealthy content. The catalogs and online websites that offer these services provide nutritional information that allow you to make a healthy choice and feed your family within the comfort of your own home. This is also true for people who have busy schedules and don’t always have the time to stop last minute at the grocery store. By having healthy meals delivered to your door you can have them waiting on you instead of waiting in long lines to get home.

Perhaps those who stand to benefit the most from this type of service is the elderly. During the months when perhaps it’s either too hot, too cold, or too rainy for them to get outside this is a great alternative to trying to get to the store. Many may have mobility issues or rely on others to take them where they need to go to buy food. However, with a healthy food delivery service, they don’t have to wait on a loved one to take them or worry about the weather. Instead they can simply place an order and have the food delivered to them without worry or hassle.

Having a healthy meal delivered is extremely ecofriendly when you stop and think about it. By choosing to have your groceries delivered to you in what is likeable a recyclable cardboard box that was refrigerated, you’re cutting down on waste in landfills. Up until a few years ago and is still an issue with some major retail stores, the bags we get from the store take years upon years before they break down and can be recycled because of the materials they’re made out of. So instead they are left around as litter and not only fill up the landfill, but we find them blowing around and getting in to ditches on the side of the road, our water, and wooded areas where animals reside. They are not safe or friendly for us or our environment and that cuts back on their usage.

That is why I am personally referring you to the Healthy Life Company website.

P.S. I would also like to point out to everyone that this is indeed my birthday month! I appreciate all the happy wishes. It has been 9 months since I started this journey and I am definitely seeing some results – I hope you all have the best of luck as well! Those born in September are the best, Scorpios and Libras unite!

Until next time. :P

History of Pawnbrokers

Long ago, when the world was new, there was a new concept called pawning. It was in the opposite of the east. The art of pawnbroking too place in the old Roman and Greek Empires. A majority of current laws on this matter are taken from the Romans. As their influence overtook cultures, so did the pawn. Similarly in other areas, this business dates back to over 3000 years. The finer details may be different, but many aspects remain the same as they did long ago.

If you want to find a close by business, google “pawn shop near me“.

Regardless of the early church’s ban on interest (for loans), there is supporting documentations that some were allowed to do this to help out the famished. In the north, England, William made it popular. He was a Conqueror of sorts and he would pawn off his valuables to raise money for the war (Edward III). Other kings did the same as well, including King Henry V and King Henry VII.

For more: read the in-depth history of pawn establishments.

A while back, before time, there was an Act instituted that attacked fakes and cheats. It was aimed at the shady people called fences. In fact, many people do not know, but it helped the to discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. The only reason he was able to raise enough finances to sail was because Spain’s Queen (Isabella) pawned off jewelry for the voyage, including her own.

The best of them all are the pawn shops Detroit Michigan.

Pawn shops and those who run them can also be extremely charitable. For example, back in Italy there was a man who would give out no interest loans in exchange for donations for the church. Lets not get ahead of our selves however, as most current pawn institutions do not operate like this. Most of them run like normal businesses do, trying to operate at a profit. They are not there to hand out money to religious institutions (at least not publicly).

As such, a pawn broker will try to calculate a perfect cost to make both the store and the customer relatively happy. It all revolves around what type of agreement is reached by both parties, and who negotiates more effectively.

For more, read this helpful article.

In Sickness and In Health

When getting married, you make vows to each other. These are to ensure that you are not lying to your spouse, and that you will support them in stressful times. You promise to remain faithful especially and specifically in “sickness and in health”. This is easy to say when you are healthy, but once that illness strikes it becomes a completely different story.

Some sicknesses are less severe than, lets say, a cancer.  One such example is GERD syndrome which requires the use of pantoprazole sod dr to relieve the stress. It is a simple pill to take an you do not have to fret over it too much. Sure there may be few gassy and uncomfortable nights on the horizon, but you do not have too worry too much about it killing or taking your spouse away.

After it is all said and done, you would much rather have GERD than something like AIDS. Your doctor would agree. It’s also about what you are willing to cope with as well. GERD does not affect the way you live to an exaggerated degree. Sure there will be discomfort, but nothing completely life altering. Sometimes you need to grab the buckles of your bootstraps and go all-in. I never really understood that phrase, but it works well here.

After you have secured your bootstraps, it is time to look into taking medicinal pills to relieve and/or cure your ailment. The most perfect thing has been invented for you (a few years ago). Take the pantoprazole sodium 40 mg dosage and you shall see relief. If not, you need to go consult your doctor as soon as you possibly can. Something may be very wrong with your body. It may be rejecting the Protonix and sending you into an even worse condition.

Hopefully you have good healthcare to justify these medical expenses. Luckily with healthcare.gov anyone can afford healthcare. They are slightly annoying with their constant requirements, but at the end of the day they can give you cheap insurance that you would have never otherwise had.  

As I always like to say, thank you for reading my incredibly humble blog on health, home and living. Stay healthy my friends. Til’ next time.

Stickers on Fleek

If old people control politics, the young kids control the vocabulary and diction of the time. Fleek is not even a real word, and yet it gets thrown around like it’s the next addition to Webster’s dictionary. We must not panic with these awful words, but embrace them.

This is why I come before you today, humbly of course. I ask that you call the new wave of “cool” as this “fleek” word. These new stickers I’ve discovered are pure awesomeness (another hip word). I remember back when I was a kid we used to buy stickers from the cheap vending machines and then trade them with each other. We had all sorts of different characters, from Disney to Nickelodeon. It was a great time in my life. Possibly one of the best years to ever take place.

Now though, these high quality vinyl stickers are available on the grand ol’ internet. You can literally buy them whenever you want – and you do not have to trade with anyone either. You can just buy what you want! Isn’t it great being a fully grown American adult?

Think about how great it is to be able to purchase normal, everyday things. You can go out to Wal-Mart and buy things like chairs and tables and even more. I buy tons of things from supermarkets, like video games and even art. I was extremely surprised to find this fabulous painting of the Joker from The Dark Knight. It really seemed out of place at a market as super as this, but there it was. Unfortunately I was unable to purchase it at the time. I do not make enough money to be able to afford such things.

Once thing I CAN afford though, are things under $10. Which, generally, decals are. That’s why I love them. They are a very cheap way to express your interests on things you own.

I do not know about you, but I own a personal vehicle. I was searching Google yesterday and I found this amazing website selling car stickers. Like I’m so excited, I feel like a schoolgirl. I can’t wait to decorate my old car and spice it up and make it the topic of conversation. Every single time someone walks by my parked car now they will comment on my godly Spongebob sticker. If you are starting to feel jealous right about now, I do not blame you.

If only you knew how beside myself I am. My heart is literally beating at a 100 times an hour. I’m amped up. You should go get some and be as psyched as me. I wish you the best of luck.

As always I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of those who have ready this blog post. As you can see it means a lot to me and I put a lot of time and effort into maintaining this blog.


Go Get You a House

It’s time for you to ship up and shape up. Start taking house hunting seriously with a real estate agent. These people can be a great help when searching to buy or sell a home. They really are an invaluable tool to your future happiness.

Think about how important the place you live is. It’s not just a place where you sleep, poop and eat. You live there – this is your life. You only get one, so you better treat it as best as you can. I don’t want to be sitting here writing this long article for no reason, I want someone to benefit. I want someone out there to be reading this – anyone and everyone. Please, I beg you, find a good realtor.

You live in Michigan I would gamble. If you do – then I just won the jackpot and I no longer need to be writing blog posts. However, that is a joke. For a realtor Birmingham Michigan you need to go to JMorris. Quit being stubborn and hard headed, instead find a realtor that shares those same qualities. They will find you what you need and make you the happiest man or woman on the planet.

On this Earth you can only hope to achieve one final dwelling to call home.  A smart choice would be to choose the area that is called the United States of America. Smarter still, would be to select the Pure Michigan area of the country and call it home. And if you are a borderline genius you will live on the borders of Metro Detroit. Such great cities are in this area that fly under the radar.

For example, Sterling Heights is the greatest city in the world – and that is a stone cold fact. Check your court and library documents, it’s all there in ink. If it’s written in ink it’s true – it’s not like the internet.

Near Sterling Heights is the 2nd greatest city of all time – Warren. No I’m just kidding, it’s probably not even top 10, but it is a historic city. Even Eminem, the greatest rapper of all time, has roots there (as he sings in his White Trash Party song). A realtor in Warren Michigan is not hard to find if you click that link.

You now have no reason not to hire a realtor, I have provided you with all the resources you could possibly need. It’s pretty funny actually how you can be able to do so many things but yet still not do them. Call it an accident created from Advil, but if you don’t want a headache get a good real estate agent. I wish you great luck and good fortune with selling or buying a condominium or house. The people from that site can get you a ranch, a two story, a three story or even a mansion if you require that.

Imagine having a mansion with an elevator. Hell, Eminem even made a song about it. Do you know what the song is called? Elevator. Very creative indeed.

Anyway, this Jerry Storm signing off. Hopefully you’ve been enlightened.

Thank you for reading, as always.

Secrets to the Weight Loss

If you hear about the industry of weight loss, you have been screamed at over and over again about how it’s so easy to just lose weight. They want you to take this, take that and another. Or a piece of equipment that will get you ripped in 3 days. On average,  we shell out over a billion hard earned dollars every year for products to lose weight. And yet, we’re still fat (on average).

If you have a trouble with your weight, then you understand the struggle.

The million dollar question is: how come it is so difficult? There is no quick shortcut to weight loss, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it easier with a couple easy changes. One such way to make it easier is to take some laxatives for weight loss.
Laxatives can be very helpful because they help you to have more stool. The more stool you are producing means the less weight that is in your large body.
Are you still very confused about what a laxative is? Look it up by checking this link out.

The main idea behind the process of weight loss is extremely simple: burn more calories than you consume. This can be as simple as switching soda pop with water.  Add some exercise every day and you’re well on your way to a hot bod. Sounds easy, but is it?

There’s a few things that stop you. Let’s list some of them.

1. Your Attitude is wrong. Stop doing X amount of day diets – be more concerned with the diet of your LIFE. You need to make it a healthy lifestyle, not a healthy fad.
2. Your Workouts blow, or suck. If you don’t workout enough then it’s going to be hard. It is certainly possible to just eat better to get trim, but you’ll end up hitting a plateau, probably. You don’t need to spend 10 hours at the gym, but you need to have a decent schedule that you follow every week. Don’t kill yourself. Do something you enjoy.

3. Eating – you’re doing it wrong. You need to switch up how you eat. As we said before, eating is very important (more important than gym for some cases). Eat healthy (at least MOSTLY). Think about what you’re putting in your mouth. Eat junk food – get a junk body. Simple as that. Eat good, feel good, look good. This is how to lose weight fast for women.

4. Your Lifestyle Choices. Like we said, losing weight and being healthy is not a fad. You have to be willing to change the way you do things. Switch up your routine. Stop watching so much TV – go for a run instead. Get rid of your bad habits.

5. LIMIT yourself. You can watch TV, but in moderation. You can play video games, but in moderation. You can eat pizza – in moderation. Once a week tops.

6. Stop buying junk. It’s way easier to not eat those Oreos if you don’t have any in your pantry. Don’t bring them in the house.

7. Commit. Don’t just do this and then give up. Stick with it.

Hopefully these were helpful. Enjoy until our next post.