Why is the need for a hearing aid?

The hearing is the most important possession everyone wants to have for their entire life. There are some incidents that cause many people to lose these hearing at an early are or at an age that hardly the time to lose the hearing. Such people can use affordable hearing aids singapore. Here are the types of hearing losses that a human can undergo and the remedy for it.

Types of ear losses

There are mainly three types of ear losses:

  1. Sensorineural damages

This is the wide phenomenon for hearing loss. This loss is caused because the sensory cells that are present in the inner ear are damaged. The reason for the damage can be anything from, genetic disorder to injury to the ear.  It can also be done because of illness or disease when you were young. 

  1. Conductive dam

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This loss occurs when the ears cannot conduct the noise. In conductive the sound waves that are coming to the ear cannot be transmitted through the outer ear or middle, and in some case through the both. However, the good news is this damage can be recovered through medication or surgery. An affordable hearing aids singapore can also solve the problem.

  1. Mixed Damage

This is the most critical damage that can happen to anyone. This damage is the integration of both sensorineural and conductive damages. Hence, the treatment for this is nearly negligible.

A solution to the losses is hearing aid

A hearing aid is a solution to those you cannot hear clearly. There are sound amplification electronic devices that are made to amplify the outside sound so that you can hear without the need of shouting. Most of the modern devices have a receiver that receives the outside sound, an amplifier that amplifiers and an in-ear speaker that delivers the amplified message.


It is said that only a small portion of adult hearing can be recovered through some medical procedure. However, to not fall a prey of this, one should opt for cheap hearing aid singapore to be able to hear as before.

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