What to Expect During the Consultation Stage

There are some relationships that are counterproductive with time. Knowing this, you need to determine if your relationship is hindering the attainment of your desired goal. If it is, you need to face the reality – you need a divorce.

Divorce is a legal procedure that ends a marriage. Divorce will take a toll on your family, friends, health and even finances. It should be considered as a last resort. If you consider this, you need to look for divorce lawyers in singapore right away. At the consultation stage, you should expect the following:

The lawyer will assess the situation

divorce lawyers

There are many grounds for divorce and technicalities. The lawyer should assess if you meet the conditions or grounds to file for divorce before starting the proceedings. Basically, a couple cannot file divorce within the first three years of their marriage. If the marriage has irretrievably broken down (due to adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, and separation), the couple can file for divorce.

The lawyer will help you understand the process

If you met the conditions or grounds to file for divorce, the lawyer will help you understand the process. The process will be full of technicalities or legal jargons, which is why the lawyer should explain it clearly. It is important that you are familiar with the stages of divorce to be ready.

The lawyer will answer all questions

After explaining, you may have questions or concerns. The lawyer can help by answering the question to make things clear for you.

If it is appropriate, the lawyer will encourage you to try counseling.

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