What is HTML? How to get started?

HTML is a programming language which was first created in 1995 by Tim Berner Lee. Later on the version kept changing. In 1997, the two version s of HTML 3.2 and 4.0 were released, with advancements such as including Frame Sets and Transitions were involved. The recent version has been released in 2013 as HTML5 and XHTML has been introduced which involves both HTML and XML embedded. You may grab all the knowhow and understanding from the HTML tutorials here.

Understanding HTML

HTML is a computer language but it is not the one used for programming. It is known as Markup language because it notifies the web browsers how to exhibit the web page on the web. That means, as per the code, the page is displayed with its contents, the heading, images, text, paragraphs, link and so on.

HTML coding is the basic to any site, so by learning HTML, you are also becoming aware of many other techniques that may be crucial for your internet presence.

Either you choose to use custom built web page software or create one of your own; you will come across the tags and syntax of HTM LANGUAGE. It won’t be wrong to say that it is HTML that acts like a backbone of any website.

When designing the link be sure to make the keyword as one of the characters in the link and avoid using special characters.

The main part of the HTML is to get the content right with the image presented. Too little content with lot of images will not attract traffic and pictures need not always be self explanatory. A description or links help for the visitors to stay long on the page and go through as much as they can.

HTML tutorials

The heading, body and end part of your content should contain the keywords. More use will make you blacklisted and less use of keywords will not get you noticed. A good balance should be maintained throughout. HTML tutorials are definitely a great way to get started.

When internally when you add links to the blogs that have been written. Be sure where in the page you are adding those links so get the notice of visitors.

The keywords should be placed in the apt places for the right number times and not exceeding the mark. The images or pictures should have the proper description and related to the link.